My Services: My services are not reimbursable under health insurance plans but, is often allowable for health savings accounts.

Utilizing my prior professional experience as a psychotherapist combined with my training as a coach, I help individuals and couples make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment. A coach can ask pertinent questions, reflect and help clarify blocks to moving forward ,as well as creating strategies that overcome the obstacles.

Individual Coaching: For clients who wish to have private 1 on 1 attention that allows for an accelerated transformation in the change process.

Group Coaching: A venue that allows great transformational results through group insights, reflections from others and developing the ability to be creative and adaptive in strategies to fluid situations that people encounter.

Couple Coaching: Couples coaching is about assessing and identifying strategies to bridge gaps or differences in order to get more effective and positive results. Working on a Model of Marital Enhancement that I have created to help identify where couples get “stuck” and and identify the strategies needed to get “unstuck” is a strategic aim towards achieving greater satisfaction in couple success.

Remarriage and Step Family Coaching: Having extensive experience and training in the this area, I help individuals recognize the stages of “reconnecting” and create “bridges” from the old narratives to the newer more effective narratives going forward.

Veteran Concerns- I coach returning veterans and military families to help in their transitions related to deployment and re-entry when coming home. Having spent 7 years on active duty both overseas and in the U.S., has allowed me to understand the difficulties veterans and their families face. Through an educational and skill building approach I help veterans focus on the goals they wish to accomplish and the steps needed to be taken in order to achieve success.

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